Lost keychain password on mac

If you're the administrator and you've forgotten the password to the login keychain and the administrator password, I am afraid you've permanently lost the contents of your keychain.

However, you can recover from the situation without reinstalling the entire OS. First, reset the administrator password using the Mac OS X disc: When you hear the startup tone, hold down the C key until you see the spinning gear.

Method 1: Reset Keychain login password in Keychain Access

Follow the onscreen instructions to change the password. Quit the Installer and restart your computer while holding down the mouse button to eject the disc.

how to remove uninstall key chain pop up's on mac iMac pro

After the Mac has restarted, you'd normally now need to change the password for the keychain called "login" to match the new admin password, but since you've forgotten it you'll need to delete the old login keychain. Do the following steps: Choose Keychain List from the Edit menu. Select the "login" keychain.

5 Common Keychain Problems on Mac and How to Fix Them

Click Delete the "-" button. The login keychain will now be empty.

The next time the keychain is needed you'll have to manually enter the appropriate password and then you'll be asked if you want to store the password in the keychain. Just move it to a backup.

2. You Forgot the Password to Your Mac Keychain

Just in case, y'know? Thanks Also to PichardP. I'll be reunited with my Mac tomorrow and will give it a go and report back. Unfortunately, the short answer is "you can't recover a keychain password".


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Normally, your "login. If you change your password in the System Preferences it will be changed automatically in login. This often happens to users who are bound to Active Directory since they are periodically forced to reset their passwords independently of their keychains.

Then all hell breaks loose once they forget what their OLD password was. How to Reset Keychain Password after Mac Password Change No matter which method you use to reset administrator password on mac , it won't automatically update the password protecting the account's login keychain.

How to Reset Keychain Password after Mac Password Change

Method 1: Reset Keychain login password in Keychain Access Method 2: Reset Keychain password in single user mode Method 1: Reset Keychain login password in Keychain Access After you log into Mac with new administrator password, follow the steps below. Method 2: Reset Keychain password with command line in single user mode If you cannot work with Keychain Access because of something like Messages Agent constantly asking for the forgotten login keychain password, you can use command line to reset Keychain password in single user mode. Delete that account's login keychain.

Reboot Mac by command "reboot".

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After Mac starts, you should have created a new keychain on Mac. Update keychain password if you still remember the old one: Related Articles: