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The entry-level new Mac Mini gets a performance boost

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In the official press release for the "Late " Mac mini models -- the Mac mini "Core i5" 1. Specifically, Apple states that the "Late " Mac mini provides "new levels of graphics performance" and more concretely declares that "new integrated Intel HD Graphics and Intel Iris Graphics deliver up to 90 percent faster graphics performance than the previous generation. With any company's marketing department choosing to focus on graphics performance rather than overall performance, it is a safe assumption that overall performance is not as impressive.

Likewise, with even a cursory review of a comparison of the "Late " Mac mini models to the "Late " Mac mini models replaced, it is clear that the the newer line has a more advanced architecture and more modern graphics, but many models have not only slower clockspeeds than their predecessors, but also half the number of processor cores.

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Can You Use a 2012 Mac Mini in 2019?

Mid Mac mini and Apple Thunderbolt Display. Obviously, on multicore tasks, models with half the number of cores will not perform as well, but just how much slower requires objective benchmarks. Likewise, comparing the performance of these Mac mini models in single core tasks and the performance of the "Late " models to each other requires objective benchmarks, too.

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For a solid overview of the performance difference between the "Late " Mac mini line and earlier Mac mini models, EveryMac. Compared to one another, the performance results of the "Late " Mac mini models are inline with the clockspeed differences:. As demonstrated above, the entry-level Mac mini "Core i5" 1. Forums Macs Desktops Mac mini. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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Sep 4, 1, MA. My late Mac Mini needs a performance boost. It has a 2.

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The drive has GB left on it. I see the wheel spinning a lot more than I want to. Actually, I never want to see it spinning! I've set it up for my kids to use as their first Apple computer so it's no longer my primary.

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Even sitting here typing this message. I'm not that fast but I had to wait for a few words to finish being spelled after I typed them.

What do you recommend? Thessman macrumors regular. Dec 8, 29 GR. Reactions: Yvan , opeter , EightyTwenty and 7 others.

Apr 23, 2, I suspect it's a rpm drive, which has terribly slow access times. You can pop the 1TB drive into an inexpensive external enclosure. One thing to check: this drive is old 5 years. That could explain the increasing beachball activity. Reactions: zmp and Miat. Boyd01 Moderator Staff member. Feb 21, 4, 1, New Jersey Pine Barrens.

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That should be a very fast system, it has a quad core CPU - I have the next model up with the 2. The easiest way to speed it up is to move the system to an external USB 3. I'm using a 1TB Samsung T3 but there are many other choices. Just use Carbon Copy Cloner to make a clone of your internal drive to the external SSD, then select it under startup disk in System Preferences and reboot. Quick and no need to open up your Mini. Reactions: DesertSurfer , ziggy29 and hanser. Fishrrman macrumors P6. Feb 20, 17, 5, OP: The internal platter-based hard drive is what's slowing you down.

If you follow Boyd's advice in the post above this one, you'll be golden. Runs as good today as the first day I switched it on! Reactions: DesertSurfer and Boyd Sep 26, 67 Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.