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Offers a simple way of reading text directly on the page. You can manually modify the pronunciation of a certain word. Please choose one voice: Voice Demo. Updates during the first six months after purchase are free! Check Updates Existing Customer Login. Upgrade from lower versions to higher versions e. Upgrade Now. NaturalReader Online Can be accessed from any computer. Access to all Premium Voices. Subscription pricing. Always up to date. NaturalReader Software Each license allowed for installation and use on one computer only.

One-time payment. Will my license expire? NaturalReader licenses never expire but you will be charged a fee should you require new download links after days.

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What types of files can NaturalReader convert to mp3? NaturalReader supports. How to listen to PDF files? There are three ways to read the pdf files: 1. In regard to Cepstral voices and other additional voices versus the high quality built-in voices of Mac OS X Lion, I say the best for audiobook conversion are the built-in Alex and the Cepstral David. Cepstral David is a solid B. The other voices are simply not worthwhile since the quality is too low - Cs and Ds for audiobook conversion.

TextSpeech Pro does have a complicated interface. I wish they would make it simpler. GhostReader's interface is ugly and old. But its output sounds smoother and clearer - just a little bit better than TextSpeech Pro. And its the output that ultimately counts. TextSpeech Pro seems to be much more actively developed than GhostReader. I wish it's developer continued best wishes to improve the output. When it exceeds GhostREader, I will switch to it as my go-to tool. I wish the Mac App store is soon update to match the version you can buy directly from the developer. The Mac App store version - which I have - is still stuck at version 3.

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Like 1. Very helpful review - thanks!

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I've been trying to decide how to spend my money on a text-to-speech tool. It's an expensive product, but I need it, so I want more control of the voice though. And it is funny how technology has forged ahead. The reason is that using them takes time, the conversion is cumbersome and they create a large file I have to load on my iPhone to listen to.

With thousands of books and articles to read, this was becoming a pain. This saves enormous time. IF there is no Kindle Version, I convert my articles and books into "mobi" format ebooks. I then send to my Amazon Kindle account where they can then be downloaded to my Kindle App on my iPhone.

The Kindle App can read third-party eBooks so long as they are converted to "mobi" format. Calibre is an app that does this conversion quickly. To listen to the book, I open the book in my Kindle App. Siri then reads to book aloud for me! For most books, I no longer need to scan them and convert them to text.

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This saves enormous amounts of time. The files are now very small - no audio data is needed. This is an enormous advantage. For easy to read books, I can speed up the reading to 2X, for example. I don't have to take up space on my iPhone if I want.

Sure, there are occasional words which are mispronounced and you cannot change the pronunciation as wiht TextSpeech Pro. But the savings in time of using the iPhone's built-in high quality text-to-speech capabilities are enormous and well worth the sacrifice. This saves the step of conversion to mobi format to read in the Kindle App.

But I find the conversion to a Kindle advantageous for many books because Kindle keeps track of how much of the book you have read so you can pick up where you read on the Kindle App of any other iOS device you have or even just read it on your Mac at a later time.

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Kindle allows you to keep your book in the cloud. And you can capture highlights you make on the Kindle App and convert them to your own notes. Just a question, but one I'm sure many of us have: the description claims that the product "includes high-quality, proprietary voices". As one decent-quality iVox or Cepstral voice might easily be several times larger than this entire package, one wonders about the included voices -- where did they come from; what needs do they address that other voices don't; and perhaps most of all, what does "high quality" mean in this context?

I hate not tried this company's product. However, having looked at their website, I have two comments: 1 ALL of the voices they feature are sourced from Cepstral, presumably used by TexSpeech Pro via a license from Cepstral. I am very familiar with Cepstral voices as I own and use several of them. And anyone can buy those same voices direct from Cepstral.

Or, for a British accent, go with Lawrence and Millie. No other software required, just the Cepstral voices. I'm not saying I wouldn't or that you shouldn't, it just is not AT ALL clear to my what added value they bring to the table. Dear customers: Here are some clarifications: 1 The best way to learn how to work with the program is to follow the Tutorial in the Help provided with the software from TextSpeech Pro access the Help menu.

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Hence, the installation file size is about MB. We cannot allow audio creation due to licensing limitations.

If we allow more characters, we again will let users violate the license.