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It is best to use the same disc from which OS X was installed. Do not use a disc with a version of OS X other than the one installed on the computer or it may not work. For example, if you reset a password on a computer running Mac OS X Insert the disc, restart the computer, and hold the C key when you hear the startup sound. You can release the key when the gray Apple appears. If you are prompted to select a language and you do not see the menu bar at the top of the screen, click the right arrow button to proceed to the next step.

The method of resetting passwords varies slightly depending on the version of OS X on the installation disc. Restart the computer by choosing Quit Installer from the Installer menu and click Restart or Quit when prompted.

Reset Mac Password Without Disc in Mac OS Mountain Lion and Lion! (new admin account without CD)

Resetting an account password does not change the Keychain password. For security reasons, there is no way to reset a forgotten Keychain password and the contents of the keychain cannot be recovered. The Keychain must be deleted so a new one can be created and used. Once that is done, you have a 3 second time period to hit Apple Command — s. You must hold both firmly not to tough to brake your keys just enough to let it know whose boss. Once it does you will wait about a minute then do as it says and Voila! Logon as the admin and put in your password and change the old admins privileges to standard and then change yours to admin settings then reset the password on the old one to something you will remember.

Example — The old account let say was name.

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Shuts down his computer, turns it on hears the chime 3 notes before the end hits Apple Command — S together comes to the text screen. Types in what it says and then reboots. Comes to the First time start up screen. Clicks make this computer an administrator!

Then below the names and Short name, clicks reset password!! Change it to what ever you want that you will remember and finish up. Close the Account settings. But if not then change it back and that does it. Because it already has a OS. Just a refresher if you will.

How to reset a password

LOL thats not hacking! Im not even sure if its worthy of being called cracking. Who has a password on their machine anyway. I only keep one on my broweser to keep my friends from screwing around with my business stuff.

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He put his own password! Can someone please help me hack my own computer?! Does this work for my laptop? However, upon entering the OS screen, where its loading…it has a small folder icon, and flashing to Mac face Icon…. Wont do anything, acts as if everything is wiped…which means I would need a CD. I dont have one…Any words….. The title of this post should be changed.

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  6. I tried this on my personal MacBook, which runs the latest version of Leopard and it worked exactly as advertised. Can anyone confirm that this also works with Tiger?? Hi i have a dual os mac with windows and mac how do i get to command line on the mac as when my pc reboots it loads up windows asap or if i keep hold of alt it gives me option to choose but then when i click on mac and hold apple and s it doesnt take me to command prompt.

    I had no idea. I recently just reformatted a Mac. Had I known this I could have saved valuable time and effort. Even BIOS password can be got around by just pulling out the batteries! Thats why on the first Mission Impossible film u have the computer locked up in a secure room ;-. That removes the users home directory. The command simply deletes the prefs for the apple setup assistant and it could be another way to regain access should you not have your Install DVD.

    Five Ways to Reset a Lost Administrator Password

    After running the command and rebooting youll be brought to the Apple Setup Assistant where it will allow you to create another admin user which in turn allows you to enable the root user and then regain access to your files. Resetting a firmware password is as easy as changing the amount of ram in the machine and them zapping pram, that takes care of any firmware passwords. Does this work if a firmware password is enabled? Yeah this is a bad idea. Sorry, but removing that file will just trick OS X into thinking its the first time its been powered up, and take you through registration.

    Way 1: Reset Mac admin password with another administrator

    Blabla is right. The file. Are passwords basically useless then? AppleSetupDone shutdown -h now After rebooting you should have a brand new admin account.