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Leopard (Mac OS X) vs. Snow Leopard (Mac OS X)

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Platform see all. Guaranteed Delivery see all. No Preference. Mac OS X was still optional at this point, and those with older Macs were better off avoiding it, but in January, , Apple announced that OS X would become the default operating system for all future Macs.

OS X Compared to Mac OS X included the Classic Environment, an emulator that allowed users to run programs coded for MacOS 9, enabling a not always smooth transition to the new operating system. Classic would remain part of Mac OS X until The gumdrops and pinstripes were toned down a bit, but there was still a lot of relief to icons and graphics. The biggest new feature in Jaguar was certainly Apple's Mail app.

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Prior to Jaguar, third-party apps, such as Microsoft Entourage, Eudora, and others, were the norm. Under the hood, Apple added Rendezvous later Bonjour for simpler network discovery, and Universal Access for accessibility. This was also the first time that Apple used the code name—Jaguar—as a marketing tool, using that name on the box, and skinning the large X with jaguar spots.

The use of the code name would become the norm. In October, , Apple released Panther, with the new "brushed metal" interface. Safari, Apple's web browser, which had been previously released during an update to Jaguar, now became the default browser in Panther. Tiger was released in April, , with Apple this time claiming more than new features. And some of them were pretty big: features like Spotlight, Dashboard, smart folders, smart mailboxes, and more. Other features included Automator, syncing with.

Mac—the predecessor to iCloud—and improvements to QuickTime, including support for the now standard H.

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Tiger was, believe it or not, the first version of Mac OS X to include a built-in Dictionary app, with direct lookups from any selected text. But it still had brushed metal windows This release was delayed by the iPhone earlier that year, which took up so much engineering time that Apple wasn't able to focus on Mac OS X as much as they wanted. But no matter, Leopard was a solid upgrade, with lots of new features.

Brushed metal windows were gone, and Cover Flow, originally introduced in iTunes, was added to the Finder.

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There was a new Dock, apps such as Front Row and Photo Booth the former since retired, the latter mostly forgotten , Spaces, which allows users to create virtual desktops, improvements to Preview, and all sorts of new features added to Mail. It also added Quick Look, the feature that lets you view files by selecting them and pressing the space bar, and Boot Camp, which allowed users to run both Mac OS X and Windows on the same computer.

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Most of what was new was under the hood: the Finder was rewritten to be faster and more responsive, Boot Camp was improved, and a number of features were added to Safari. Snow Leopard also saw a huge price drop. Remember when OS X wasn't free? Nearly two years after Snow Leopard, Lion was released, in July, Now that Apple had time to work on features, rather than just catching up, there were—according to Apple—more than new features.

The Mac App Store, released a few months earlier, was bundled with Lion.

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New features included Air Drop which has never worked reliably , Launchpad, auto save, full-screen apps, along with enhancements and improvements to many of the bundled apps. The interface was refined, with color unfortunately being removed from icons in the Finder sidebar. And Lion was the first version of Mac OS X to add the restore partition, which helps you if you have problems with your operating system.