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True artists are more concerned with the results from the makeup that they use, rather than name hype. Although they may have their favorite products, makeup artists usually have a lot of different brands of products. Although marketing departments for cosmetic companies lead the public to believe that professionals use only a few select, expensive brands, true pro makeup kits tell a different story.

They are as diverse as the artists themselves, and the pros are highly unlikely to use a single cosmetic brand for everything that they need. Makeup artists assemble their kits through years of trial and error. Therefore, no two artists will have the exact same items kits. However, most makeup kits feature the same types of items in them.

Makeup kits contain the artists' most valuable tools of the trade. Most artists will have face charts, disposable makeup applicators, cleansers, moisturizers and most importantly a full set of quality makeup brushes. Some of the brushes that are included in professional kits are:.

Professional brushes are made from a variety of fibers including goat hair, pony hair, sable, squirrel, polyester or nylon.

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Brushes that are made with synthetic fibers are kept in professional kits because they are easier to clean and maintain when on the go. Makeup artists need to have a wide range of colors to fit people of different ethnic skin tones and to create a variety of different looks. Therefore, artists may have dozens of shades of makeup to fit any type of skin tone imaginable. A professional makeup artist should always be prepared to create virtually any look which is why it is important that they have nearly every type of makeup on hand.

It also hydrates the skin and restores its lost moisture. It gives a natural look and makes your skin look hydrated. I spray it before and after my makeup! I love to put it on a beauty blender and apply it to my overly powdered or dry spots!

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Very multi-functional and a staple in my collection! Back To TOC. It is waterproof and long-wearing, and stays up to eight to ten hours.

MAC Beginners Guide: Top/Holy Grail Makeup Products

It is easy to apply using an angular brush. Lengthen, shape, and define your brows, and create any shape, from subtle to dramatic, with this fantastic product. MAC powder blush has a wide range of colors that have varied textures and different finishes. Desert Rose is one beautiful muted pink color that immediately adds a flush of color to the face and adheres to the skin seamlessly. It provides a matte finish and delivers a fantastic color intensity in a few coats.

Pretty pigmented, but buildable. A matte color for the ultimate natural look. An amazing one step product that evens out the skin like a foundation and sets the makeup like a powder. It is a two-in-one product that gives a brilliant and flawless look.

Professional Makeup Kits

It gives a natural matte finish and provides medium to full buildable coverage. You can use it by itself or over your foundation for more coverage. Your eye makeup is incomplete without a good eyeliner. The liquid last eyeliner is a must have product for all the liner lovers out there.

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It comes in a tiny bottle with a felt tip brush for precise application. It is black, deep, rich, and intense, and can slay the eyeliner look at a go. It is waterproof and long-wearing, and stays up to 12 hours or more.

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The perfect waterproof eyeliner!!! If you guys have trouble taking it off, just use a little coconut oil! Our skin plays an important role in enhancing our appearance. To look good, it is important to make your skin look flawless, and the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation serves this purpose effectively. This foundation gives medium to full coverage, covering blemishes, dark spots, and uneven skin tone.

It delivers a natural matte finish, leaving the skin extremely flawless, and has SPF 15 for sun protection. It contains silica, which has oil controlling properties.

The best products to put in your makeup starter kit

It absorbs oil and makes the foundation stay on the skin for up to eight hours. It applies like a dream and a little can go a long way!! I wear this maybe three to four times a week and it lasted me 11 months!